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Discover the Most Beautiful Body you had


In gynaecomastia we eliminate the ugly appendages and not only that also the emotional problems, social problems and sexual problems as well.


Five (5) Gyanecomastia myths

Emotional cost of Gynaecomastia

Man Boobs Treatments in Sri Lanka: Eliminate Gynecomastia with Effective Solutions!

Say good bye to Gynecomastia: Discover the Best Treatments in Sri Lanka

The best gynaecomastia center

Before and after

Man Boobs

Unbelivable transformation

Surgery is the only option for gynaecomastia| No dieting or exercising will work| Why?

GynoRecover™| Call 0777 567 566| We are in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Non-surgical options for gynaecomastia| Pros and cons |

GynoRecover™: Unveiling a Confident You by removing manboobs.