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Gynaecomastia Myths

Five Myths

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There are five (5) common gynaecomastia myths.


Myth #1: Gynecomastia will go away on its own.


You may have heard that gynecomastia will go away on its own. This is a common misconception because teenage boys can develop gynecomastia during puberty, which usually resolves within two years. Gynecomastia that lasts longer than that, on the other hand, will not go away on its own. In rare cases, gynecomastia can be a sign of a more serious problem, such as testicular failure or a pituitary gland disorder, so it is critical to consult a doctor. When the condition is not caused by an underlying health issue, surgical intervention is usually required to reduce the appearance of excess breast tissue. Qualified plastic surgeons are the best to perform gynecomastia surgery.

Myth #2: Gynecomastia can be eliminated with diet and exercise.



 The myth that diet and exercise can cure gynecomastia stems from the mistaken belief that true gynecomastia and excess fat in the chest are the same condition and can be treated as such. Patients who are simply overweight may be able to improve their chest appearance through a healthy diet and exercise alone. Those with true gynecomastia, on the other hand, will continue to have excess breast or glandular tissue no matter how much weight they lose. On the other hand, men with true gynecomastia become increasingly frustrated with their chest after putting in so much effort to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine and seeing no improvement. They frequently complain that their chest has gotten worse. This is usually because they are in such good shape that it draws attention to their condition.


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Myth #3: Gynecomastia has no permanent cure.

Gynecomastia surgery permanently removes excess glandular or breast tissue from the chest, contouring it for a more masculine appearance. This is accomplished through the use of various surgical techniques to remove excess tissue, such as liposuction to remove fat or skin removal. Plastic surgery clinic in Kandy, Sri Lanka offers variety of gynecomastia surgery techniques that are tailored to the four types of gynecomastia: classic gynecomastia, fatty gynecomastia, puffy nipples, or saggy gynecomastia. During a consultation, you will learn which surgical techniques will achieve the long-term results you seek.



Myth #4: Gynecomastia can be treated only with liposuction

It is extremely rare for gynecomastia to consist solely of fatty tissue. The primary cause of gynecomastia is excess glandular tissue, which can only be removed through excision. Liposuction is only useful when there is an increase in fatty tissue around the chest. This can be done in addition to the breast tissue excision, but it cannot be done on its own to correct the true underlying problem.



Myth #4:

Gynaecomastia surgery can be performed by any surgeon.



Many plastic surgeons offer gynecomastia surgery, but few specialize in it or understand its complexities, the various types of gynecomastia, or the best techniques. When selecting a gynecomastia surgeon, make sure they are board-certified in plastic surgery. They should also be able to perform male breast reduction surgery. Our Kandy clinic is the number one plastic surgery clinic in Sri Lanka for gynecomastia. We are gynecomastia surgery experts, having performed over 1,000 procedures to date.


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